Our experienced underwriting team have the skills required to provide tailored legal indemnity insurance solutions.

We consider cover on a continued use, pre or post-planning basis for a range of defective title risks.

Your risks and requirements are considered on a case-by-case basis and, where required, policies are tailored to meet your specific needs in order to achieve coverage for even the most complex of risks.

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Risk Types

The list below outlines a selection of our bespoke policies, but we can cover a far wider range of title defects.

Adverse Possession Summary
The insured has no documentary evidence to all or part of the property, title to which is claimed by adverse possession. The true paper title owner may assert their ownership of the adversely possessed land dispossessing the insured, or otherwise causing a financial loss to the insured.
Mines and Minerals Summary
The insured’s title does not extend to the mines and minerals beneath the property. The owner of the mines and minerals, or another party holding rights relating to the mines and minerals may assert their ownership of the mines and minerals, or their right to access and work them, or that the insured has trespassed, causing a financial loss to the insured.
Absence of Easements Summary
The insured’s title does not contain a clear express legal right in respect of the access to, and/or services, serving the insured’s property. The owner of the land on which the access and services are situated may attempt to prevent the insured from using the access and/or services affecting their use of the Property, causing a financial loss to the insured.
Restrictive Covenants Summary
The insured’s title is, or may be, subject to a restrictive covenant which has been breached or is going to be breached. A restrictive covenant imposes a duty on the landowner not to do something, such as not to build on the property, or not use the property otherwise than for a specific use. Another land owner may claim that they have the benefit of the covenant and try to enforce the covenant, causing a financial loss to the insured.
Manorial Rights Summary
The insured’s title may be subject to manorial rights, which include rights to mine, hunt, fish and shoot on the land. A third party may attempt to exercise manorial rights over the insured’s land affecting their use and enjoyment of the land, causing a financial loss to the insured.
Rights of Pre-emption Summary
The title to the property is subject to pre-emption rights which may continue to subsist and be enforceable. A third party with the benefit of the rights may be entitled to ask the Court to set aside the transaction or may be entitled to damages and compensation for the breach of their rights, causing a financial loss to the insured.
Rights of Light Summary
The insured’s development may infringe a right to light enjoyed by a neighbouring property. In the event of an attempt by the owner of the neighbouring property seeking to enforce the infringement of their right to light, the insured may be prevented from carrying out their development, may be forced to remove an offending structure, or may have to compensate the owner of the neighbouring property. In each instance, this would cause a financial loss to the insured.
Missing Rent Charge Owner Summary
The insured’s title is subject to a rent charge. A third party may claim ownership of and right to enforce a rent charge where no payments have been made in relation to such charge or where there has been a breach of the terms of the deed containing the rent charge. In the event of such action, the insured may suffer a financial loss.


We can only be approached by insurance intermediaries, generally these will be solicitors or brokers acting for the proposed insured. We are unable to deal directly with private individuals.

Solicitors/Legal Professionals

We offer clear, concise wordings that are easy to understand, helping solicitors to advise clients on the specifics of our policies. Our in-depth experience allows us to cater to the needs of a wide range of residential and commercial clients.

Insurance Brokers

Our long held expertise in this class of insurance allows us to request the right information to assist us in formulating timely initial indications on premiums. Once all underwriting requirements have been satisfied, contract certain quotes can be issued to meet your clients’ often challenging timescales.


Property Owners

A property owner will want to ensure that their most valuable asset is protected from any legal indemnity risks which are identified during the conveyancing process. Our policies provide financial security for such risks without recourse to legal remedies, thereby speeding up conveyancing transactions.

Property Developers

Our underwriters are well versed in the needs of developers at every stage of the planning and development process. This enables us to provide competitively priced products and policy wordings within the critical timeframes that usually come as part of the conveyancing process.


Flexibility is key when it comes to lenders’ requirements and we can often adapt our policy wordings and coverage to meet specific lending criteria.

Property Portfolios

The due diligence process for a portfolio of properties often takes significant time and resources which can reduce the profitability of a clients' investment.

CRM insurance can support your refinancing and reorganisation activities by providing policies that support your due diligence process, and help you meet the tight timeframes often associated with these transactions.